How to Create CPN ? Step by Step Guide

CPN full form is Credit Privacy Number. A CPN (Credit Privacy Number) is a 9 digit number that looks like a SSN (Social security number). It is used for many purposes but primarily as a way to protect someone credit and achieve financial goals without risking any identity theft. But before using a CPN, it is important to know that, using a CPN to hide your credit history is completely illegal and it can be considered identity theft. So be carefull to using it.

How to Create CPN

Creating a CPN (Credit Privacy Number) is a controversial and completely illegal process. According to a source, there is no specific legal or valid way to get Credit Privacy Number. However, if you want to create a new and perfect CPN, then you have to go through a lot of complicated process. Which may take up to 2 years to complete.

Another way to get CPN is to purchase CPN. But before buying CPN, it’s very important to be careful about the companies that sell CPN. Because they often collect SSNs through questionable source, such as from children, senior citizens or prison inmates.

If you still want to know “How to create CPN” then follow the steps below –

  • First open any browser on your computer and go to this Website

  • Scroll Down and you see State / Year Decoder Section
  • After that select Birth year and Select State. After that you Got First 5 Digit (Please See the picture below)

  • You see 3 box here. Put first 5 digit here and 3rd box you put 4 random numbers and click Verify now.

  • After that a new page will appear, If you SSN number is valid then you see 416-01-2369 is a valid SSN
  • Keep trying with different numbers till invalid SSN  messages comes up.

  • Invalid means the number has not been created. Once you got your number you will have to try merge. So before doing that, create your new email, address and name you want to use.
  • After that, go to Capital One and apply for a credit card. Once you get denied, your info will be in the credit bureau system.
  • After that, you want to build public records for three days.
  • Go to and apply for an account with your new info.
  • Create Walmart and Target accounts under your info
  • You can also create Spotify or rewards accounts
  • Go to and try to register with the White Pages.
  • Once you do all of that you can go ahead and make your credit karma and Experian accounts at this point you want to build your credit profile self lender and other credit Builders.
  • After doing all this wait some days. Check this number again. It will be validated.  Now your CPN is ready.

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