How to earn money from Quora ?

Have you ever thought that you can earn money by giving answers on the internet ? Yes, it is possible! Nowadays, there are many ways to earn money online on the internet and one of them is Quora. It is a question and answer site, where people ask their questions and other people answer their questions. If you have knowledge and information, then you can easily earn money through Quora. In this article, we will tell you some simple ways to earn money from Quora.

If you do not understand how to earn money from Quora then do not worry. In this article, we have told some of the best methods to earn good money from Quora.

What is Quora

Quora is a question and answer website. The name of Quora is derived from the combination of two words Question or Answer. Although, it was inaugurated in June 2009, it was opened to the public almost a year later, on 21 June 2010. Quora interface is very simple and easy to use. Users can ask their own questions here and other Users can answer them. About 300 million users use Quora every month.

Ways to earn money from Quora

There are many ways to earn money in Quora, in which Quora Apart from its own monetization feature, it also provides the option of third party monetization. If you work well and work hard, you can earn money from Quora

Let us know how to earn money from Quora.

1. Earn money from Quora’s partner program

You cannot apply on your own to join Quora’s Partner Program. Quora sends you invitations when you are active on Quora and the answers are of particular interest to you.

In this program, based on the views, upvotes and downvotes of your answers, you get commission which comes from Quora’s advertising. You can transfer it to PayPal account and deposit it in bank account.

2. Earn money by creating forums on Quora

To create a forum on Quora, you can easily learn by watching tutorials on YouTube. Create a platform that benefits people. For example, you can create a knowledge-related forum for students, where you can ask them to answer questions related to general knowledge.

According to you, you can create a forum on any topic and if you work regularly, the followers on your platform will increase and a time will come when your platform will become popular on Quora.

Once you have more followers on your platform, you can earn money through advertising and other methods like Affiliate Marketing.

3. Earn money by sending traffic from Quora to the website

Driving traffic to your website on Quora is a good way to earn money. Simply put, create an account on Quora and expertly provide information to people by answering questions on specific topics. Include links to your website in your answers so people can visit your website. Due to Quora’s huge user base, you can draw more traffic to the website.

By increasing your followers, more people will see your website, which can provide you with the opportunity to earn money through advertising, affiliate marketing or sponsored content. Using Quora, you can earn money by driving more traffic to your website in a commercial way.

4. Earn from Quora by selling eBooks

You can earn good money on Quora by selling eBooks. Quora is a community question-and-answer website that provides people with knowledge on various topics and solves their questions. If you have deep knowledge on any subject and you are adept at writing books, then you can create eBooks.

You can sell your eBook to them after giving solutions to questions on topics related to your eBook on Quora. Make sure you price and describe your eBook so that people are encouraged to buy it.

You can promote your eBooks by sharing them on social media and this will increase the prominence of your eBooks. If your eBook becomes a favorite among people, you will get positive feedback and word of mouth.

5. Earn through Quora Advertisement

If you have a company and want to promote it, Quora is a great feature for you. You can promote your company by answering questions related to your company.

Here the questions and answers of big companies rank on top in Google. When people search for information about a company on the Internet, they get answers about that company’s products and services from Quora.

6. Earn from Quora through URL Shortener

URL Shortener is a website that gives you a chance to earn money. Using this you can shorten any link and share it and earn money from it.

For this you will have to create an account in some URL Shortener websites, the list of which you can see in a post. Once you have an account, you can shorten any of your links on those websites.

When someone clicks on that shortened link, you get money according to that click. This money keeps getting deposited in your URL Shortener account. By using URL Shortener, you can transfer whatever you earn to your online wallet and your bank.

Apart from this, you can also earn money by referring URL Shortener. If you share this website with your friends and family and they also use it, you get referral commission. This increases your income even more.

7. Earn from Telegram and Facebook using Quora

You can earn money from your Telegram and Facebook, you can use Quora to increase your followers. This is a very easy and profitable method.

You can use Quora to get more followers on your Telegram and Facebook. You just have to share your Telegram or Facebook link on Quora. When you share some interesting content with the link, people will be interested in clicking your link.

This will increase the number of followers on your Telegram or Facebook and you can earn more money through Quora. This is a simple and effective way to increase your earnings.

8. Earn from Quora by Refer And Earn

You can earn money by referring and earning through Quora App. This refer and earn is an easy and simple way in which you just have to join some referral programs and share their referral links with your friends.

For example, you can register in any money earning game running Refer and Earn and its referral link can be used in any of your Quora answers. Whenever someone downloads your mentioned app through that referral link from your quora answer, you will get commission.

In this way you can earn good income without any hard work. You just need to share these referral links with your friends and you get paid for their referrals. This increases your income and you can earn money easily.

What is required to earn money from Quora?

To start earning money from Quora, you will need to fulfill the following requirements and when you fulfill these requirements, then you can easily earn money from Quora.

  • Smartphone or Computer: To use Quora, first of all you must have a smartphone or computer. With this you can write your favorite answers and answer more people’s questions.
  • QuoraAccount: You must have a Quora account. You can create an account by visiting the official website or Play Store. It’s a simple process and you’ll get an account within minutes.
  • Activity and Forum: To earn money on Quora, you have to be active on your account. You have to maintain your platform to regularly give your answers and answer people’s questions.
  • Patience and Consistency: It is very important to use patience and consistency on Quora to earn money. You need to take time to regularly revise your answers, improve them, and promote the best answers.

How to create Quora account

To create a Quora account, you can follow these steps:

  1. First Go to the Quora website or download the Quora app from your app store .
  2. On the Quora homepage, you will find the “Sign Up” button and Click on it.
  3. You will be given the options to sign up using your Google account or Apple account or you can create an account using your email address.
  4. If you choose to sign up with your email address, then enter your email address and create a password for your Quora account.
  5. After entering your email address and password, click on the “Sign Up” button.

That’s it ! You have successfully created your Quora account. Now you can start exploring and engaging with the Quora community to gain and share knowledge.

What is Quora Marketing ?

Quora Marketing means marketing your business through Quora. When a person, company or organization promotes their business on Quora, it is called Quora Marketing.

Quora is the world’s largest forum website with over 300 million monthly active users. For this huge users, Quora has a good marketing opportunity. You can easily reach your target audience on Quora.

How to do Quora marketing ?

You must have a proper strategy for marketing on Quora, only then you can achieve your marketing objectives with Quora Marketing.

1. Create an account on QuoraNo

First, you create an account on Quora, you can create an account on Quora through your Google account, Facebook or email.

2. Select your language

Select the language in which you will be marketing on Quora. You can create different profiles for different languages ​​on Quora. Choose the language your target audience uses Quora.

3 Select a topic related to your business

After creating an account on Quora, select topics that related to your business. After that Quora will only show your business related questions, answers and posts.

4. Optimize the profile

Optimizing your Quora Profile for Quora Marketing. It’s very important for you. To optimize profile on Quora, you need to put business logo in profile picture, write interesting bio related to your business, write short description about your business in description section.

If you want to do Quora Marketing for your branding, put your professional profile picture and write about your profession in the description.

5 Answer questions on Quora

Now that your Quora profile is optimized, then write answers to questions that related to your business and also tell about your business in the answers. Also ask questions, related to your business on Quora.

6 Join Quora Space

Quora Space is a group where many people discuss a topic among themselves. Join Quora Space related to your business, you will find potential customers.

7. Be active every day

Be active on Quora everyday. Answer at least 10 to 15 questions daily.

8. Paid add campaign

If you are active on Quora for 1 month, you will get a very good following and more people will know about your business.

You can also run paid ads to promote your business on Quora. This allows you to reach more customers in less time. This is how you can do Quora Marketing and grow your business.

How to Use Quora For Marketing 

According to Wikipedia, Quora has more than 300 million monthly active users and more than 0.3 million different topics are discussed on Quora.

Quora can easily be used for marketing. With Quora, you can reach more people with your business in less time. 

Some activities should be done for marketing:-

To do market research

When a company launches a new product or service in the market, they must first conduct market research. In that market research, companies take public opinion to know the current demand and future demand for their products.

Quora is a good platform for doing market research. You can ask various questions, related to your product on Quora to get people’s opinions.

For promotion

You need promotion to get potential customers for your product or service. Through promotion, you can tell more people about your product.

Quora is a good platform for business promotion. With Quora, you can reach your business to your target audience. 

On Quora, you can answer questions related to your business and answer questions about your product/service, how your product can solve people’s problems.

If you are regularly active on Quora and promote your business by answering questions, many people will know about your business.

To create your audience

You can create Quora group like Facebook groups known as Quora Space. You can create a group on Quora related to your business and then by posting regular posts, questions, answers in the group, you can grow your group by adding people in your group, who are interested in your business.

To increase membership in your group quickly, you can target visitors from other groups related to your business through content marketing.

To increase traffic to blog/website

If you run a blog or website that you monetize in various ways, Quora Marketing can help you increase traffic to your blog/website, thereby increasing your income.

Blog through Quora, increase website traffic, write answers to questions related to your website’s niche and add a link to your website.

With this, all the users who read your answer, some of them will click on the link and come to your blog. Thus, with the help of Quora, you can increase traffic to your blog/website.

To increase sales

With Quora, you can increase the sales of your products and services. On Quora you can easily find customers for your products and clients for services. All you have to do is tell people about your product service with complete details

For example, suppose you provide content writing services, then on Quora you will find many people asking how to write content? How is a blog written? etc. Then you can answer such questions well and talk about your services so that you get clients.

Conclusion: Final Opinion on Making Money from Quora

In summary, making money from Quora is not easy, but it is possible. You have to try to keep the answers understandable, simple and appropriate. Be patient and work hard continuously, then you can reach more people through your answers day by day and earn money from it. We hope that from this article you have understood how to earn money from Quora and how you can create a new source of income sitting at home.

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