Unlocking the Secrets: How to earn money on facebook $500 every day

Facebook is the most popular and trending platform these days. Which people mostly use to upload photos, videos and content.

Facebook has become the first choice of millions of people in the world. Now Facebook is no longer a social media platform. It is moving forward in new technology. As technology is changing, updates are being seen on Facebook.

Millions of people are using Facebook in World, but most of these people use Facebook only for entertainment purpose. If you are one of those users who have only used Facebook as a means of entertainment, then you should know that you can earn a lot of money by using Facebook. So, in this article we will tell you, How to earn money on facebook $500 every day ?

What is Facebook?

Facebook is a very popular social media platform, which we use to connect with our friends and relatives in online. It is a way of connecting together online.

Apart from this, you can do Chat, Voice Calling and Video Calling with your friends through this app and also you can like, comment and share your friend’s post by seeing the posts shared by your friends through this app. can do.

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How to earn money on facebook $500 every day

As I told you, there are many ways to earn money from Facebook, which are as follows – 

Earn money by creating a Facebook page

You can start earning money quickly by creating a Facebook page, because User Reach is quite high for Facebook pages. Meaning, you can quickly make any of your videos viral on Facebook page.

So you have to create a Facebook page, which is quite easy. If you don’t know how to create a Facebook page, then follow the following steps.

  • Open Facebook app.
  • Then click on Profile icon .
  • Now select the Pages option.
  • In this you will find the button “Create” at the top, press it.
  • Now you click on Get Started and name your page.
  • In the next step Select the category and click on “Create”.
  • Now you have to select your Goal and then upload the photo.
  • After this you have to invite your friends and then finally your page will be ready.

Now you have to bring maximum Liked and Followers to your page. And also to increase views by uploading reels. Once you fulfill the criteria, you can monetize your page by going to Facebook’s Monetization Tool.

Apart from this, you can also earn money through Facebook page, like-

  • By posting Paid Posts on Facebook page,
  • By renting your FB page,
  • By selling FB page,
  • By selling your product,
  • By selling any course or digital content

Earn $500 every day from Facebook Marketplace

Facebook MarketPlace is a online market through which you can sell your product online from anywhere. Small business people should use this Facebook MarketPlace. 

As you know that millions of people come to Facebook every day and spend their time on Facebook, but among them there are many people who do online shopping. Through Facebook MarketPlace, you can easily reach your product to such people. Facebook MarketPlace is similar to online selling business. Where you can earn money by selling goods.

You can buy and sell anything on Facebook Marketplace. You will be able to sell clothes, mobile, computer, car, motorcycle, books, furniture, land, flat or house etc. through this from home.

If you do online selling and you are a seller of many online shopping sites like Walmart, Target, Amazon etc., you will be able to increase your sales by promoting the link of your online product through Facebook MarketPlace. 

If you don’t knowHow to sell products on Facebook Marketplace, follow the steps below.

  • First of all, open Facebook and open your Facebook account in it.
  • Now click on the profile icon and then select the option Marketplace.
  • After this you will find a “Sell” button at the top, click it, and select Items, Vehicles or Homes for sale or Rent. Choose any one.
  • After this you have to enter some details and photos of your product. And then click on Publish.

In this way, you can add your product on Facebook Marketplace, and then earn money by delivering it when you get the order.

Earn money with the help of sponsorship

If you are a popular creator on Facebook and you have a lot of followers on Facebook, then you can earn big money with the help of sponsorship. Sponsorship means that, a big company gets its product promoted by you.

You have to post on your Facebook profile, Group or page about the product of that company. The company pays you very good money for this work.

For this, you do not need to find any company. If you have more followers then companies will automatically contact you for promotion. By the way, if you want, you can send mail to any company for sponsorship.

Benefits of Sponsored Post:-

  1. You do not have to go to any company for sponsored post.
  2. Use your page or groups to promote sponsored posts
  3. Sponsored post also increases the number of your followers.
  4. The company can charge thousands of rupees per post.
  5. There is a possibility of good results with less effort

Earn money by freelancing

With the help of Facebook, you can do freelancing work, which means you can earn money by doing work for people based on your skills. Nowadays there are many skills to earn money online, like content writing, story writing, data entry, web designer, app developer, logo maker etc.

You will find many groups on Facebook in which you can get clients by giving a demo of your skills. If you want, you can also contact a person directly by going to their profile.

In this you will also get many offers for freelancing. You can attract clients quickly by creating a profile based on your skills. But be careful about fake clients of Facebook.

Earn money from Facebook Group

For this you will first have to create a Facebook Group. And try to have more than 10 thousand members in it and the most important thing is that all those members should be active. You should always keep your group members engaged. For this you can take help of relevant questions, blog posts, images and polls.

Here you can earn money by using the methods mentioned below.

  •  From paid surveys
  •  By publishing sponsored content
  •  By selling your product/book/services
  •  From affiliate marketing
  • By selling any of your courses or digital content
  • If you have a business then sell your product.
  • By renting Facebook group

Earn money from Facebook by making reel videos

In today’s time, the trend of short videos is going on very fast and if you want, you can earn money by making reel videos on your Facebook account. If you create a video on any trending topic, your reels video can go viral.

To make reels video, you open any reel video and after that you create your own video and share it, when your reel video starts getting views, you will get money accordingly.

While making Reels Video, pay special attention to clarity and make your Reels Video different from any other creator and let us tell you one thing that you can make videos from 15 seconds to 1 minute.

Earn money by managing FB account

Facebook account management is a very good job through which you can earn money by working every hour. You will find many big celebrities on Facebook, for whom you can do account management work.

Because big celebrities do not have time to manage their accounts. So this way you can manage their account. That means you have to upload regular posts and videos on their account.

And also after reading the comments of his fans, he has to give the right answer. Apart from this, there is a lot of work also. If you do management work for a celebrity then you become one of their managers. This also gives you respect in the society and also you can earn huge amount of money.

Earn money from Affiliate Marketing

If you have created Facebook group or page then you can do Affiliate Marketing You can earn a lot of money from this. In Affiliate Marketing, you have to promote the product or service of any company and sell it.

If you sell a company’s product or service, the company gives you commission from which you earn. If your Facebook group and page have a large target audience, then you can sell a product to them.

But for this you will have to join any affiliate program so that you can promote their product on Facebook. You will find many Affiliate Programs on Google, such as…

  • Amazon Associate
  • Shopify
  • eBay Partner Network
  • Rakuten Marketing

Earn money by creating a game channel on Facebook

Do you know that you can earn thousands dollar every month by playing games on Facebook ? If you like playing online games, then this can also become a means of earning money for you.

Nowadays, the trend of playing online games is increasing, but due to lack of information, people just spend time by playing games, but there are some people among you who earn thousands dollar from online games. You can also earn money by uploading live videos on Facebook like YouTube.

To live stream your video or any game on Facebook, you can use live stream online software. To do Facebook gaming live, you can use any device, mobile or PC. To live stream on mobile phone, you will have to install Facebook Gaming App.

If you do not have this information about how to use Facebook Gaming app, then follow the steps given below –

How to use Facebook Gaming app –

  1. Download and install Facebook gaming app from your mobile’s playstore.
  2. Open the app and login.
  3. Click on the icon on the right side of the screen
  4. Now select your game and open it.
  5. As soon as you open the game, you have to click on “Flive” on the top of the screen.
  6. After clicking on Flive, you have to enter the title of your video stream.
  7. After entering the game title, click on “Go Live
  8. Your gaming video will be live streamed.

As your game gets popularity, the daily views on your live video will increase, all the viewers who watch your Facebook live stream get the option to give you a star.

To earn 1 dollar, you will need 100 stars which you can take from your viewers, the more viewers, the more stars, it depends on you how you can earn from Facebook.

Earn money by placing Facebook Ads

Facebook is a very big social media platform. This means that, you will get a lot of customers to sell your product on Facebook.

You can place your advertisement or ads on Facebook, which will increase the sales of your product many times. Earlier only big companies could advertise on Facebook, but nowadays you can advertise on Facebook even if your business is small.

To place ads on Facebook, you will also have to pay some money. And then a unique and original ad will have to be created, which will be shown on Facebook. Many Digital Marketers sell other company’s products in this way and get commission.

Benefits of Facebook Ads

  • With this you can increase the sales of your product or service manifold.
  • With Facebook ads you can sell products or services to your target audience.
  • In this you can show Ad to Worldwide Audience .
  • Advertising on Facebook is quite easy.
  • With this you can also promote your Facebook page.

Earn money from URL Shortener

If you want to earn money easily from Facebook then URL Shortener is a very easy way for you. Because in this, you just have to shorten the URL of any web page and share it on Facebook. If someone clicks on your URL, you will get money in exchange for that click. 

Some Famous URL Shorteners for Link Shortening –

  • AdFly
  • Shrinkearn
  • Short.st
  • Za.gl
  • ShrtFly

Earn money from Facebook by PPD Site

PPD (Pay Per Download) Sites pay a user for downloading a file. It is being used by a lot of people these days to earn money from Facebook. To earn this money, first of all you have to register on a PPD site and get a URL Link from their panel.

Then, you can post this Link in your Facebook Page or Group. When a user clicks on the link shared by you and downloads the file, you get some money for that download.

Earn money from Facebook Bug Bounty Program

Do you know that Facebook rewards people who find bugs in Facebook through its Bug Bounty Program? If you are an expert in ethical hacking or coding, then Facebook gives you a great opportunity to earn money.

Under this program, you can report suspicious activities or other misuse through any third party app on Facebook, if your report is found true in the investigation, then you will be given a cash reward from Facebook. goes. Not only Facebook, you can also find all other companies coming under META like WhatsappInstagramFacebook Messenger Can.

Under the Facebook Bug Bounty Program, money is given according to the risk, that is, the higher the risk, the higher the reward.

You can get more information by visiting this official page of Facebook Bug Bounty: https://www.facebook.com/BugBounty/

Refer And Earn money from Facebook

Refer And Earn A very good way to earn money from Facebook. If you have some good followers in your Facebook account, Facebook Page or Facebook Group, then you can earn good money just by referring. Is In today’s time, there are many such Apps and Websites in which you will get some good referral programs. You can share a special link on your Facebook page, and if one of your friends signs up through that link you gave, you will receive cash bonus.

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10 ways to earn money on facebook $500 every day

  1. Earn money by creating Facebook page for people
  2. selling product on facebook
  3. Earn money by publishing Paid Posts
  4. By renting facebook page or groups 
  5. Also by selling digital courses or digital content
  6. Video You can also earn by making
  7. You can also earn by running Facebook Ads
  8. You can earn money by selling Affiliate product
  9. Earn money from Facebook by advertising
  10. Earn money from Facebook by managing account

Is it possible to make $500 money every day on Facebook ?

Friends, if you are wondering how to earn $500 money every day on Facebook, then we told you every day Earning $500 from facebook is a challenging task, but it’s possible. If you work in the right way or with a strategy, you can earn that money easily.

To earn $500 per day from Facebook, you need to make your Facebook page and profile beautiful and attractive, so that it is attractive to your followers or users.

To earn $500 per day on your Facebook account, you have to Continiously upload good photos, videos, and creative content. So that more and more people should follow it and get attracted to view the page. To understand the Facebook Algorithm, you have to create interesting content, which can help in keeping your page interesting.

Apart from this, you can use affiliate marketing to earn $500 every day, in which you have to sell your products and services to a big company. You can earn more or less than this by promoting and spreading it. In which you can create an account for affiliate marketing and share the link on your page.

When a user buys any item from your affiliate link, you will get some percent commission. If you get $10 commission on an affiliate link, then give 50 affiliates.

Apart from this, you can earn money through Sponsored Content, in which you can work in partnership with big brands and create content for them. With these methods, you can easily earn money from Facebook. 

Last Word

So friends, as you read in this article that How to earn money on facebook $500 every day. Hope you have understood everything about the ways to earn money from Facebook after reading this article. Friends, earning from Facebook is not that difficult. If you work hard and diligently on Facebook, you will definitely get results. Just don’t give up. One day you too will earn earn $500 every day from facebook. Just keep working hard. Friends, if you have any question or any problem regarding How to earn money on facebook $500 every day, then you can ask your questions in the comment box below, we will try our best to answer your questions.

If you like this information, then you can tell us your suggestion by commenting, and in future also we will continue to share information related to such new earning methods with you.

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