How to earn money online ? 30 ways to earn money online

Are you also wondering how to earn money online ? Do you also want to earn money online sitting at home in your free time. If your answer is yes, then you have come to the right place, because in this article we are going to tell you 30 best online earning ideas. We will tell you how to earn money from the Internet through which you can earn money by working online from the Internet sitting at home.

If you also want to earn online by doing work from home jobs, then read this post with full attention till the end. Because there are 30 online earning ideas mentioned in it, using which you can earn money online with the help of phone or computer without any investment.

In this time, everyone wants to earn something. There are many ways to earn money online on the Internet about which you do not even have an idea. Somewhere you know these methods and you also use them, but you should know how to use them properly so that you can earn from them.

By using these online earning ideas, students, house wife’s or anyone can earn money comfortably sitting at home. You can work full time or part time. You can also take many of these methods as online business ideas. The best thing is that even if you do not have a computer, you can earn online through these methods from your phone itself. But you must have internet. Let us know what are those methods, using which you can earn money online sitting at home.

30 effective ways to earn money Online sitting at home

1. Earn money from internet by creating a blog

Blogging is an online earning idea through which you can earn money by working online. If you are good at writing and have good knowledge about any field or any subject, then you can write a blog on that. For this, first you have to create a website and then you can write a blog and post it on that website. This is a way by which you can earn money online without spending any money. Let us now know what is required for blogging ?

What are the essential things to start blogging ?

  • Passion 
  • Good Writing Skill
  • Computer And Working Internet Connection
  • HTML Basic knowledge
  • Hard Work

To do blogging, first of all you have to create a blog, then you can write and post your article on that blog. There are many free and paid platforms and tools available on the Internet to create a blog, with the help of which you can create a blog and start writing articles in just a short time. If you want to do blogging by creating a professional blog, then you can use either WordPress or Blogspot platform.

Create a blog on WordPress – WordPress is a platform. It is a type of open source content management system. To do blogging on WordPress, first of all you have to create a blog on it and as we just told you that it is a paid platform, so before creating a blog you have to buy domain and hosting for your website or blog. Many themes and plugins are already available in WordPress which help in giving a professional look to your blog. With the tools present in it, you can easily customize your blog.

Create a blog on Blogspot – Blogspot is also called Blogger. This is a platform of Google where you can do blogging for free. In this too, to do blogging one has to first create a blog which is very easy. Just for this you should have some basic knowledge of it.

If you create a blog on Blogspot then you do not need to buy a domain. When you create a blog, your blog is created with a sub domain. If you want, you can add it later by purchasing a separate domain. As we told you, it is provided by Google so it is also secure.

If you want to earn money by blogging then both WordPress and Blogspot are the best platforms for this. But if you do not know much about blogging, then my advice is that you should first start with Blogspot or Blogger and only when you know a little more about it, you should go to WordPress.

2. By creating a channel on YouTube 

Youtube is a very popular social networking site on which you can earn very good money by uploading videos. You can make videos on any category like Technical, Funny, Acting, Singing, News, Fashion, Cooking etc. and upload them on your YouTube Channel and then earn money in many ways. With the help of YouTube you can earn Thousands Dollar per month. 

Things needed to start a YouTube channel

  • Mobile, Computer or Laptop 
  • High Speed ​​Internet for uploading videos

Ways to earn money from Youtube

  1. Adsense
  2. Affiliate Product Sell
  3. By reviewing the product

3. Earn money from Instagram Account

Instagram is a social media platform used by millions of people. Actually, there is no way to do direct earing on Instagram. But there are many ways through which you can earn money online by creating your Instagram account, you just need to have maximum followers. 

Requirements to earn money from Instagram

  • Mobile, Computer or Laptop 
  • High Speed ​​Internet for uploading videos

Ways to earn money from Instagram account 

  1. By promotion and direct advertising
  2. By Affiliate Marketing 
  3. By Sponsorship

4. Earn money from Facebook

Facebook is a very popular social media platform which not only allows you to be a user but also provides you the facility to create business accounts and business pages or groups. If you have some good knowledge about Facebook then you can also earn money online using Facebook. By creating followers or audience on business pages or groups, you can earn money in many ways. Some main ways to earn money from Facebook are mentioned below.

Ways to earn money from Facebook 

  1. By promoting companies’ products through Facebook Page and Group.
  2. By doing affiliate marketing of products on Facebook page and group.
  3. By selling Facebook Page or Group.
  4. By doing digital marketing through Facebook Ads. 
  5. From Facebook Instant Article. For this there should be a blog or website. 
  6. By uploading videos on Facebook.

5. Earn money from Whatsapp

Whatsapp which is a very popular chatting application. If you want, you can convert this chatting application into earning machine. Like other social media apps, you can create audience through groups and earn through them. But compared to other social media apps, it has very few options that you can use to earn money. Let us know the ways with the help of which you can earn money from WhatsApp.

Ways to earn money from Whatsapp 

  1. By selling your products or services.
  2. By selling or reselling someone else’s products or services. 
  3. By shortening the link.
  4. By Affiliate Marketing

6. By doing online/offline data entry

Data Entry or copy paste job is a very easy way to earn money online. If your typing speed is good then you can earn money sitting at home by doing data entry job. The oldest and easiest way to earn money online. In this, just complete your work and take payment and that’s it. Although, if you search online, you will find many websites which provide such jobs, but many of those websites also ask for money for your registration before the job, so keep in mind that such websites may also be fraud. Can. There are some sites like Upwork, Fiverr and People per hour which provide you online data entry work like this.

7. Earn money by doing online teaching job

If you are good at any subject and you like teaching, then you can earn money by teaching people online sitting at home. Its demand has increased a lot in USA these days. There are many popular websites like Teachable, E-Tutor which provide such online teaching jobs.

8. Earn money from Affiliate Marketing

You can earn a lot through Affiliate Marketing. For this you just have to sell the product or service of a company or website and in return it gives you commission. There are many popular websites like Amazon, Walmart which provide you the opportunity to do affiliate marketing.

To do Affiliate Marketing, you first have to join the affiliate network of a website or company and then market their products by sharing their link. When a product is sold through your link, you get commission for it. In this way you can earn money online by doing Affiliate Marketing.

9. Earn money by freelancing

If you have good knowledge about any field like content writing, web designing, SEO service, logo design, data entry, video editing, then you can earn money online sitting at home by doing freelancing jobs. There are many popular freelancing sites like fivver, odesk, Upwork etc. which provide such freelance jobs for freelancers.

10. Digital Marketing Agency Start

Friends, whether the business is small or big, marketing plays an important role in all types of businesses and because nowadays everything is digital, marketing is also done through digital methods. If you have good knowledge about digital marketing then you can also start your own Digital Marketing Agency.

This is a very great way by which you can earn money online sitting at home. You can market not only domestic but also foreign businesses and in return you get very good payment. If you want to do your own business, then this is a new business idea for you.

11. By selling article/content

If you are fond of writing and your writing skills are also good, then you can earn money by writing articles/content sitting at home and selling it online. Many bloggers need good articles/content for their blogs, you can sell your articles to them. In return you get very good payment. You can easily find such people on Facebook groups.

Apart from these, there are many companies which look for people who can write articles for their products for the promotion of their brand and also pay a good amount for it. You can earn money online by selling your articles on popular sites like iwriter, hirewriter.

12. Earn money from Fiverr

Fiverr is a platform that provides freelancing work to freelancers. Here people buy your services for their business. If you can sell any kind of service like logo making, website making, website design, content writing, video create, seo service etc. and set your price. Not only this, Fiverr also gives you the option to post your service.

Here many buyers are available to buy your service who give you very good payment. On Fiverr you have to create a profile and build your reputation. If you have a good rating on your profile then you can easily earn money online.

13. Earn money from Micro Course

If you have good knowledge in any field, then you can also create and sell a micro course related to it. Nowadays people buy online courses more than offline courses because there are many reasons for this, it also saves time, they can do them as per their convenience and their rates are also less. It is very easy to create a micro course and because it is sold online, it also gets a lot of customers.

You can create a micro course on any topic like HTML, IT, SEO, Marketing, WordPress Site Setup etc. Once you have created a course, there are many sites through which you can sell it. Udemy is the best platform where you can upload such micro courses. From where students can easily buy your course. If the content of your course is good and people like it, then your course will sell more and you will earn more.

14. Earn money by buying and selling domains

If you have good knowledge about digital marketing and can also make a little investment, then you can earn a lot of money by buying and selling domains, meaning that you will have to buy domains at a lower rate and sell them at a higher rate. You can book domain names cheaply on websites like Goddy, Bigrock,, etc. and later sell them at your own rate. For this, you will have to first buy domains so that whenever you sell them in future, you can get good profits from it. 

You have to search such domain names which can become a brand in future, which will be in demand in future so that you can get good returns. For this you will have to find new ideas and do some research. You can get the idea from trending news, Google, Youtube or social media trend etc. Apart from this, you can also buy expired domain names. Many such domain names already have good popularity, so you can earn more profit from them. When you buy domains, you can easily sell them at your fixed price. There are many popular sites like Namecheap, Godaddy Auction etc. Which provide you a better platform to sell your domain at your own price.

15. Becoming an SEO Expert

Nowadays many new websites and blogs are created every day, thousands of posts are made every day. By searching on any topic, lakhs of results are seen. In such a situation, getting a site or content ranked on a search engine is a very difficult task. To rank their site well, many website or blog owners hire SEO experts. That’s a pretty good payment in return. If you have SEO Expert skills then this is a best online earning idea for you. Through this you can earn lakhs of rupees online money sitting at home. 

16. Earn money by playing games

Making money from online gaming is a fun and easy way if you have a passion for gaming. How do you make money from online gaming? There are several ways to do this, such as:

  • Streaming: You can live stream your gaming skills on YouTube, Twitch or Facebook and collect donations, tips or super chats from your audience.
  • Esports: You can win prize money by participating in tournaments or competitions in your favorite games.
  • Reviews: You can earn money from your views by sharing your gaming experience in blogs, videos or podcasts.
  • Testing: You can test new games and give feedback to developers by reporting bugs or glitches.
  • Coaching: You can give tips, tricks or lessons to other gamers to improve their games.

To earn money from online gaming, you have to keep your gaming setup, equipment and internet connection good. You have to choose your gaming niche, genre and platform. You have to engage, entertain and grow your gaming community.

17. By Buying/Selling Websites

If you are a website developer then you can earn good income by creating and selling websites. Apart from this, if you have a popular site or which has good traffic, then you can also sell it at a good price. There are many websites which help in buying or selling websites. You can easily buy/sell websites with the help of websites like Website Acquire, Site Point Market, Flippa, Digital Point Forum, Buy Sell etc. If you want, you can buy a site at a low price and then make it popular and sell that site at a higher price. It takes at least 6 months to 1 year to make any site popular, thus it is a long term investment online business idea. 

18. Captcha Solving Job

If you want to do some time pass work then you can also earn money online by doing online captcha solving job. You must have seen that many times when we sign up on websites, some text or image appears on the display which you have to solve, this is called solving captcha. Pixprofit, Kolotibablo, 2captcha, Protypers etc. are many such sites which provide online captcha solving job. For this you just need your computer and fast Internet connection.

19. By designing and selling T-Shirt online

This is a very unique online earning idea through which you can earn money online sitting at home. In this you do not even have to make any kind of investment. You just have to design the T-Shirt online and then sell it. There are many such websites which get this kind of work done. You have to prepare this design on online t-shirt designed website only. With the help of websites like TeePublic, Six Dollar Shirts, Teespring, Snorg Tees, CafePress, you can design and sell T-shirts online.

For this, first of all you will have to register on one of the given sites and after that you will have to design the T-shirt and set its price. Then you will have to promote it so that more and more people buy your t-shirt and you get more and more hearing. You can promote it using social media. As soon as your t-shirt is sold, you are paid by the site.

20. Earn money online by doing voice to text convert job

If your listening skill is good and your typing speed is also good, then you can earn money online by doing voice to text convert job. TranscribeMe, Upwork, Elance 360 ​​etc. are many such popular websites which provide you such jobs. For this, you will have to search the above mentioned sites by writing “voice to text” in the search box and you will get many jobs. In this type of job, you are given an audio clip which you have to convert from voice to text by typing the spoken words.

21. By making an Ebook and selling it

Nowadays people like to buy Ebooks more than normal books. You can create any type of Ebook and sell it. This is one of the best online earning idea among online business ideas. For this, you should prepare an Ebook which is well designed and has about 100 pages. After creating an eBook, you will have to fix its price. Then you have to promote it so that more and more people buy your book. You can also sell your eBook by creating your own book store on Instamojo. Apart from this, you can also sell your eBook on websites like Amazon, e-buy.

22. By installing apps in mobile 

There are many online earning apps which even when installed on mobile, you get very good rewards. There are many online earning apps like PhonePe, TaskBucks, Google Opinion Rewards, Earn Talktime, Mcent, ChampCash etc. on installing which you get many rewards like free recharge and gift cards. In some of these mobile apps, you have to complete some simple tasks. You also get a reward for completing every task. Android and iPhone are available for both types of users. If you want, you can also earn online by installing apps like this.

If you use social media a lot then you can also earn link short online money by using social media. Link Shortner Sites like LinkShrink, st, Adfly, Linkbucks, provide such services. For this you have to first register on the sites. Then you are given some short links which you have to share. You can shorten the link of any website from the given link and share it on social media. Share it with as many people as you can. The more clicks you get on the link shared by you, the more payment you will get.

24. By doing tasks on Micro Jobs Sites 

Micro Jobs is also a good online earning idea through which you can earn money online by working from home. In such jobs, writing blogs, virtual assistant, handyman, nanny, website design, liking a post, commenting, writing a good review on something etc. are useful. There are many sites like GigBucks, Microworker (Best site), Fiverr etc. on which you can do such micro jobs by registering. When you register on the sites, you get different types of tasks which you have to complete. You get paid for every task.

25. Earn money by doing online surveys

Online survey and earn money Friends, this is also a best online earning idea. If you can earn money by doing online surveys even in your free time. There are many sites like SurveyJunkie, Toluna, Swagbucks, InboxDollars etc. which provide you online survey work. For this you first have to join the site.

To do online survey job, there are many sites like SurveyJunkie, Toluna, Swagbucks, InboxDollars which provide online survey work. For this, first of all you have to join an online survey site. Then you are given a survey which you have to complete and after completing the survey you get payment. There are many companies which conduct surveys to know the reviews of customers to sell their products or services or after selling them.

26. Earn money by selling photos

If you are fond of photography, then you can also make this hobby a source of income. You can earn money online by selling the photos clicked by you online. For this, you will have to sell your photos on online photo selling sites instead of uploading them on any social media like Instagram or Facebook etc. Shutterstock, Dreamstime, Alamy, Fotolia, Crestock etc. are many popular photo selling sites on which many photos are sold every day. Which companies, firms or newspaper agencies require such photos. She buys these photos so that she can avoid copyright.

27. Editing videos

Today on the Internet, people prefer watching videos more than reading articles, so the scope of earning money by editing videos has also increased a lot and you will find many such platforms where you can get good money for video editing.

You can start with fiverr, earn money by teaching video editing on YouTube or you can go to the local news channels of your city and find out about the job of video editor. One thing you should understand is that it takes time to learn video editing, so if you want to learn it as soon as possible then you will have to work very hard for it.

28. Refer And Earn

By Referring And Earning You Can Earn A Good Amount Of Money Sitting At Home. Nowadays There Are Many Mobile Apps And Websites Where You Get Money By Connecting Other People. There Are Many Genuine Apps Which You Can Promote. You Can Search On YouTube Who Are Those People From Whom You Can Earn Money By Referring.

29. Become a virtual assistant at home

Virtual assistant jobs are very attractive these days. You can become a virtual assistant for any company anywhere in the world from the comfort of your home. Through this you can perform the tasks given to you at home. Virtual assistants are in high demand these days. And you can increase your income according to your skills. Which can only be done at home.

30. Earn money online as a voice over artist

If you can speak fluently, you can earn money online by working as a voice over artist in various places. 

There are opportunities to earn online by working as a voice artist in audiobooks, video content, animation, advertisement, product video, audio guide etc. 

As a voice over artist, apart from beautiful tone and clear pronunciation, you need a good quality microphone for recording. Then edit the recording with the mobile phone and send it to the buyer. 

Earn Money by Offline Work

1. Sewing Knitting Work 

Friends, You Might Have Already Thought About Sewing And Knitting Work Because It Is The First Option Of Every Woman, You Can Do This Work By Staying At Your Home And Can Do It As Per Your Convenience. If Your Sewing And Knitting Work Goes Well, You Can Also Open A Shop Later. In This, You Can Prepare Ladies Shoot Salwar, Mask, Under Wear, Ppe Kit And Ready Made Clothes And Sell Them Online And Offline.

2. You Can Do Animal Husbandry Work 

Friends, If You Live In A Rural Area Then You Can Do Animal Husbandry, This Is Also A Good Option. You Can Rear A Cow Or Buffalo And Earn Money By Selling Milk And Ghee.

3. Tiffin Service 

Friends, This Work Can Be Suitable For Urban Areas Where There Are Industrial Areas Where People Come From Other Places To Work, Then In Such A Situation You Can Start Tiffin Service In Which You Can Cook Food For People And Give It To Them On Tiffin. .

4. Packing Work 

Friends, This Work Is Also For Women Living In Urban Areas. Friends, There Are Many Companies Which Get Their Small Jobs Done By Third Parties, That Is, They Get Them Done By Outside People, In Which The Main Work Is Packing, Like Packing The Packet Of Something, Then You Can Also Do This Work.

Final opinion on earning money from Internet

Friends, these were some ways of earning money from the Internet using which you can earn money online. The best thing is that you can earn money in these ways with the help of whatever phone or computer you have. How did you like our today’s article on ways to earn money and which method did you like best among all these ways of earning money from the Internet, please tell us by commenting. Also share this article with your friends, so that they can also benefit from it. To know more such online business ideas, online earning ideas and stay connected with us.

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