How to get 1k followers on instagram in 5 minutes ? Step by Step Guide

Do you want to increase followers on Instagram so that you can also increase your popularity in the internet world ? Today we are going to give you complete information about this. If you really have the passion to earn name and become popular then this post will be very beneficial for you.

Internet is such a place which can make you popular in the whole world overnight and you know this very well that, internet has already made many people popular. There are many such platforms on the internet from where you can create your fan following.

If you are thinking that we are going to tell you about some software or app that can make you popular quickly, then you are absolutely wrong because no such software or app has been created that can make you popular.

However, with some methods and apps, you can increase your Instagram followers very quickly. But that follower will not be of any use to you. All followers will be fake follower .

Therefore, we are going to tell you only about those ways by which you can increase followers on Real Instagram, who like and share your every post and also get love and support from them. So let us know How to get 1k followers on instagram in 5 minutes ?

What is instagram ?

Like other social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, Instagram is a social media platform on which you can share your photos, videos and reels. Instagram has become a very popular app in today’s time, which has been played more than 1 billion times. Has been downloaded.

This app was created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger and was officially launched in 2010. Later it was purchased by Facebook company and now it is a part of Facebook company. You can follow other Instagram users on Instagram and they can also follow you and you can also follow them through video call, voice call and message.

How to get 1k followers on instagram in 5 minutes ?

Regarding How to get 1k followers on instagram in 5 minutes, we will tell you about three such methods which if followed properly, you can increase followers on Instagram. Following are the ways to increase followers on Instagram.

  • How to increase Instagram followers organically ?
  • How to increase Instagram followers in paid way?
  • How to increase Instagram followers with app?

We are going to give you detailed information about all these methods, so try to read all the tips carefully, then let us know how to increase followers on Instagram in a short time ?

Increase followers on Instagram organically

The best way to increase followers on Instagram is to increase followers organically. In this way, if you increase followers, you will get absolutely real followers and there will not be any fake followers. Organic followers means such followers who come after seeing your post or content. , they like you and follow you, so we have shared some tips with you to increase followers organically.

1. Create a professional account

To increase followers on Instagram, first of all you have to convert your personal account into a professional account. Because in this you get many options through which you can optimize your account well. Under professional account, you have to keep some things in mind.

  • – Put your good and attractive profile photo on Instagram.
  • – Do write a good bio related to your account.
  • – Enter the username which is easy for users to read and understand.
  • – If you have created an account for any product, business, company or other purpose, then definitely include its logo.

Also, if you have any website, YouTube channel or link to other social media, then definitely add it in your bio.

2. Choose the right topic

People create accounts on Instagram for two things. First for themselves in which they post their own photos and videos etc. and second for their business. If you are creating your account with a business mindset, then definitely choose a topic related to it.

This means that you should choose a topic on which you can publish posts. For example, if you like reading motivational books and watching videos and you can motivate other people too, then start posting on motivation and reels related to that. make. If the topic is based on your interest then you will be able to publish more content.

3. Post daily 

The third most important thing to increase followers is to post daily. Consistency is very important to make something successful. Similarly, to increase followers on Instagram, you have to do 4 to 5 posts related to your topic every day. If the number starts increasing, 2 or 3 posts will be enough. Just be careful not to leave any day vacant.

Many people make this mistake that they do not remain active on their account due to which the people who follow them also unfollow them, hence you have to keep posting consistently. By doing this, your previous followers remain connected with you and With this, followers start increasing on Instagram, so from now on always be active on your account.

4. Post images, videos and reels related to the topic

There are many features on Instagram using which you can easily increase followers.

  • Be sure to post images related to your topic daily on your account so that audience engagement remains.
  • The easiest way to increase followers today is to create an Instagram reel. The reach of a reel has the potential to reach more people in less time and people also like watching reels.
  • Apart from this, you can make videos on important topics through IG TV. You can connect with other Instagrams. People like it when you share your thoughts and if they like it, they can also follow you.

5. Go Live to Connect with the Audience (Once a Week)

Many Instagram users go live on Instagram once or twice a week to share their thoughts with their followers. The advantage of this is that you can interact with people. Also, your followers will also start increasing when People start getting to know you.

6. Maintain engagement

It is very important to maintain engagement. Creating engagement means that you become active once a day and post one post and go away. This will make your followers feel that there is no valuable information on your account and they can unfollow you. Keep the following things in mind while making the arrangement.

  • Whenever a person opens Instagram, the first thing they see is the story, so definitely add a story on your Instagram. Make sure to add 3 to 4 stories in a day. Many features of adding stories are available on Instagram.
  • You must also apply highlights. This also brings followers to your Instagram. On highlights, you can share important information related to the post.
  • In the story, you can use the ask me anything feature, you can use a poll, if there is any course or affiliate link then you can add its link by swiping up.

7. Use hashtags with posts

While making your post, definitely use hash tag because by using it, your post reaches many people. It is obvious that the more people your post reaches, the more your fan following will increase, hence use hash tag and so on. Find what is trending or you can create your own hash tag.

When a post reaches more people on Instagram, the number of followers increases. To increase the reach of the post, you must use hashtags with the post.

For example, if you have posted any motivational post then use #motivation #motivationoftheday #morningmotivation etc. Just be careful not to repeat them and do not use more hashtags than necessary. The advantage of this is that whenever someone searches this keyword, your post can also be visible.

8. Profile Setup

It is most important that you set up your profile well because only after someone looks at your profile, he decides whether to follow you on Instagram or not. The more amazing your profile is, the more followers will be attracted towards you.

If you have kept your profile private then make it public only then your followers will be able to increase and also set the profile settings properly to make your Instagram profile amazing. View our profiles and also follow us which our followers will follow you. What will you do to increase your followers on Instagram?

9. About Yourself

Be sure to write about yourself in your profile because people try to know about you, so write about yourself like Education, Hobby, Likes, Dreams etc.

If you have a website or a blog, then do give its link also, it not only benefits your website and blog but also increases your followers on Instagram.

10. Contacting Soical Media

If you use more than one social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. then link them to each other. By doing this your friends and followers connect with you on all social media. Who are your followers on Instagram.

11. Used Uniqueness

You should understand one thing very clearly that no one will follow you like that unless he sees something different and better in you. Therefore, before posting any post, always try to make it unique and better.

This is a method that can increase your fan following a lot. So always try something different.

12. Comment and Reply

When you comment on someone’s post, many people read that comment and get to know about you and if they like your profile, they start following you too, hence they start praising a good post. Don’t step back from.

Also, reply to every comment that comes on your post, this creates a good relationship with your followers due to which they also start liking and sharing your posts.

13. Posting Timing

This is also an important point which boosts your followers, meaning you have to post your post at a time when more and more people are present, by doing this there are more chances that that post will reach a lot of people. By keeping this in mind you can increase your followers.

14. Focus on video quality

Most of the people on Instagram like quality posts. Therefore, you also have to post your Photo/Reels Video on Instagram in high quality. So that, they can like your post and follow you. Which can increase your followers on Instagram. So if you also want to increase followers on Instagram, you have to upload qualityfull post.

15. Target Holiday and Special day

On the occasion of festivals, post something which can connect with the emotions of the people.

People share such posts the most and it can make you viral everywhere and can greatly increase your follower fan following on Instagram. Similarly, people spend maximum time on social media on holidays. You should also keep this in mind.

16. Create reels on top trending songs

Whenever you make a video on Instagram, you have to pay special attention to the trending song. First you have to find out which song is trending at this time.

So to find out the trending song/music on Instagram, first of all you have to open your Instagram and whatever song is being repeated here, that song is playing on Music Trends.

Apart from this, you can also find out which song/music is trending at the moment by watching the videos of big creators. And in this way you can find out the trending song and make a video on it and upload it on your Instagram Account. This increases the chance of your video going viral quickly. And when your videos start going viral, you will automatically start getting followers on Instagram.

17. Create Blog

As we had already told you that there are many such platforms on the internet with the help of which you can increase your followers on Instagram. Blogging is also one such method. If you have the desire to write, then create your own blog and increase your popularity on the internet.

This way you can get countless followers. This is a great way through which you can make money from the internet and build your social media following.

18. Start YouTube Channel

If you watch YouTube videos, you must have seen that there are many creators or YouTubers who ask their viewers to follow them on Instagram in every video and they have millions of followers.

Similarly, you can also create your own followers by creating a professional YouTube channel and these are your completely real followers who like you very much.

19. Don’t increase followers in wrong way 

Friends, many people use wrong methods to increase followers on Instagram. Due to which, their ID gets frozen or blocked. Therefore, if you want to increase your followers on Instagram, then you have to keep the content quality of your videos good. And you have to try to show face value in your posts, only then your followers can increase.

Because showing face value makes people believe that, this is your original ID. Because people always follow the original ID. Apart from this, you have to tell something different in your video. That means, if your video is different from others, then people will follow your ID to see your video as well. So that you can easily increase followers on Instagram.

It takes some time to increase followers organically. You will not be able to increase followers immediately, but if you want to increase followers as quickly as possible, then you can do it in a paid way.

  • By advertising on Instagram
  • By promoting your account

A. How to increase followers by running ads on Instagram ?

Do you know that you can increase followers by running ads on Instagram ? Instagram gives its users the opportunity to increase followers through ads, for which you have to pay money.

Before running ads on Instagram, post any story or picture on your Instagram.  We have given all the information step by step below to increase followers by running ads. Convert your account to a professional account before running ads.

Step 1- First of all, open Instagram and go to your profile and click on the ads tool option.

Step 2- After this you have to select the post, if you have not published any post before then you can click on choose a post but if you have published any post then click on promote your top post.

Step 3- Now you will see the option to select Goal, here you will see three options. Firstly, you need more visits to your profile, secondly, you need more messages on any of your websites. But if you want to increase followers, then click on more profile visits and click on next.

Step 4- In this step you have to select your audience and what kind of audience you want to make your followers. You can select yourself from the category or you can also click on automatic and along with this you can also create your own audience. For now click on automatic and click on next.

Step 5- After this you have to select the amount and time, according to how many followers you want in how much time, Instagram charges you. This service of Instagram starts from Rs 80.

Step 6- After this, review your advertisement once so that nothing is left out. After reviewing everything, click on Boost Post.

Step 7- After this you have to select the payment method through which you want to pay and then click on next.

In this way, you can run advertisements on Instagram and Instagram will deliver your post to only those people according to your topic. With this, whoever sees that post and visits your profile can follow you in this way also.

B. How to increase followers by promoting from another account ?

To increase your followers on Instagram in a paid way, you can ask other popular Instagram pages or accounts to promote your Instagram by DMing them. For this, they will charge you. They will charge you according to how many followers you want in how much time. Will take.

This is also a very good way to increase followers on Instagram. If you want to create a good follower base on your Instagram in a short time, then this method is very effective, it will give you organic followers.

How to increase followers on Instagram with apps

Do you know about apps to increase followers on Instagram ? Today, there are many follower increasing apps available on Instagram with the help of which you can easily increase followers on Instagram. We are giving you a list of those apps with which you can increase followers.

Real Followers & Likes

If you are also worried about having less followers on your Instagram , then you should definitely use real followers & likes App once. With the help of this application, you can increase followers in a short time. You can download this app from Play Store. Along with followers, you can also increase likes with its help.

Fast Followers & Likes

Do you want your Instagram to reach as many people as possible and more people see your posts, then you must install this app. In this application you will get many Instagram hashtags and captions which you can use with Instagram posts. You can do this which will increase the reach of your post and the number of followers will increase.

1000 – Followers & Likes

This app to increase Instagram followers provides you free viral hashtags for Instagram posts, using which your posts go viral within some time. With the help of this application, you can increase followers on Instagram in minimum time without any hassle.


This is a popular followers increasing app with the help of which every Instagram user can increase 100% real followers as well as likes on Instagram with the help of both free and paid services. Try using this application once.

Some Tips to Increase Followers On Instagram

At Present, Instagram has become a very good platform to grow your business and promote your products/services or create your social presence and along with this, it has also provided many earning opportunities to instagram content creators. .

For this reason, every content creator wants to increase more and more followers on their Instagram account, with the help of which, they can earn money or increase their Social presence.

However, increasing your followers on instagram is not so easy and that is why everyone searches on google how to increase followers on instagram ?

For this you can follow some tips mentioned below –

  • Do something differet, that will make people follow you on Instagram.
  • Make your Instagram account name easy to remember.
  • Transfer your Instagram account to a business account.
  • Always try to increase quality followers on your Instagram.
  • Create all types of contents on your Instagram.
  • Be consistent and also focus on entertaining the audience.
  • Also do Instagram SEO and add good captions.
  • Use Social Media Management tools.

Last Word

So friends, in this article we have told you, How to get 1k followers on instagram in 5 minutes. I hope you must have liked this post, if you feel that this post is very helpful for you then do not hesitate to share it and if you have any question then comment us.

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