How to turn off Instagram dark mode?

If you want to change it back to your dark theme, then you can change the dark mode theme of your Instagram to light mode by following the steps given below.

  • Open Instagram App.
  • If your account is not logged in, then log in first.
  • Now click on the profile icon.
  • Now click on the icon of three horizontal lines (≡) visible on the top right side.
  • After this click on Settings and Privacy Option.
  • After this click on Accessibility Option
  • Then click on the Dark mode option.
  • Click Off. After that, your Instagram account back in normal mode or light mode.

In this way the theme of your Instagram app will become light and dark mode will be enabled.

Last Word

So friends, now you must have known How to turn on dark mode on instagram. After Instagram update, Instagram users are very fond of Instagram dark mode. Using the information given in this post, you can now turn on dark mode in your Instagram. 

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