IFIC Bank FDR rate

Bank FDR or various types of DPS schemes are very popular with common investors due to guaranteed returns. Through FDR, a fixed amount of money is deposited for a fixed period of time and profit is earned from that money. On the other hand, through various DPS or Deposit Pension Schemes, a depositor deposits a certain amount of money every month to ensure financial security through long-term savings. Investing in fixed deposit and DPS schemes can earn a predetermined and fixed amount of profit. Fixed deposits can provide financial security to the depositor in case of emergency.

When money is kept as a fixed deposit in a bank, the bank pays interest/profit at different rates for different tenures. In today’s article we will tell you in detail about IFIC Bank FDR rate.

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IFIC Bank FDR rate

IFIC Bank FDR rate given below – 

Rate of Interest on Deposit With Effect From: 22.02.2024

Deposit Products

Rate of Interest 

A. IFIC Aamar Account (Individual and Business)  
    Less than Tk. 25,000 0.00%
    Tk. 25,000 to Tk. 5,00,000 4.00%
    Tk. 5,00,001 to Tk. 20,00,000 5.00%
    Tk. 20,00,001 to Tk.50,00,000 5.25%
    Above Tk. 50,00,000 5.50%
B. Savings  
    Savings Bank Deposit 2.00%
    10 Taka Savings Account 2.00%
C. IFIC Shohoj (Individual and Business)  
    Less than Tk. 5,000 0.00%
    Tk. 5,000 to Tk.25,000 2.75%
    Tk. 25,001 to Tk. 1,00,000 3.75%
    Tk.1,00,001 to Tk. 5,00,000 4.00%
    Above Tk. 5,00,000 4.25%
D. Special Notice Deposit (SND)  
    Less than Tk.1.00 Cr. 2.00%
    Tk.1.00 Cr. and above but less than Tk.25.00 Cr. 2.00%
    Tk.25.00 Cr. and above but less than Tk.50.00 Cr. 2.50%
    Tk.50.00 Cr. and above but less than Tk.100.00 Cr. 3.00%
    Tk.100.00 Cr. and above 3.50%
E. IFIC Corporate Plus Account  
    Less than Tk.200.00 Cr. 4.50%
    Tk.200.00 Cr. and above 5.00%
F. Term Deposit  
    Fixed Deposit: 1 Month 7.00%
    Fixed Deposit: 3 Months 9.75%
    Fixed Deposit: 6 Months 9.75%
    Fixed Deposit: 1 Year 9.75%
    Fixed Deposit: 2 Years 9.75%
    Fixed Deposit: 3 Years 9.75%
    Monthly Income Scheme (MIS)- Protimash & Arjon (1,2,3 Years)
    1 Year 10.00%
    2 Years 10.50%
    3 Years 11.00%
G. Deposit Scheme  
    IFIC Aamar Bhobishawt 10.00%
    Pension Savings Scheme (PSS) 7.75%
    Pension Savings Scheme (PSS)- Joma 8.00%
    Foreign Currency Deposit (FCD) 0.10% 0.10% 0.10%
    Non Resident Foreign Currency Deposit (NFCD)


    1 month 0.00% 0.00% 0.00%
    2 months 0.00% 0.00% 0.00%
    3 months 0.25% 0.20% 0.50%
    6 months 0.30% 0.30% 0.60%
    12 months 0.65% 0.40% 0.70%

In this article we have told you in detail about IFIC Bank FDR Rate. We hope this article is benificial for you. If you have any question about this article, then please comment us.

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