What is Sponsored Post ? How to earn Money from Sponsored Post?

If you are a Blogger or Social Media Celebrity So you must have heard the name of Sponsored Post. But do you know what Sponsored Post is? And how to earn money from this? If not, then this article is especially for you. In this article you will get complete information about Sponsored Post. You will also get to know the advantages and disadvantages of sponsored posts. And you will also get to know how a sponsored post can destroy your career. So let’s start from the beginning.

Sponsored Post

Recently I received a mail from a car company. In which it was written that you write an article for us. And tell these things in it. For this he had given a list. In this list, along with the features of the vehicle, the achievements of the company were also mentioned. In exchange for writing the article, I was offered an amount of 80$. But I refused saying that Motor Vehicle is not a topic related to our blog. So please forgive us.

Here I have mentioned this incident just because. So that you get an idea about Sponsored Post. Perhaps, you must have understood what kind of post is Sponsored Post ? And why are bloggers paid for this ? Let us now understand in detail.

What is Sponsored Post ?

When you take money from a company or organization and write a post according to its terms. And publish it on your blog. So that post is called Sponsored Post for your blog. Sponsored Post is also a type of advertisement. In which, detailed information about the product is given. That is why, it is also called Detailed Advertisement. Sponsored Post can be understood well in these three points:-

1. Any person, organization or company offers to write a sponsored post to promote itself or one of its products.

2. Certain conditions are imposed for the post. Such as specifying product features. Or slightly exaggerated about the product.

3. A blogger writes a post according to these conditions and publishes it on his blog. And in return he is paid a fixed amount.

Similarly to Youtube Videos and Social Media Posts Is also sponsored. You must have heard many YouTubers saying this in the beginning of their videos. That This video is sponsored by xyz. xyz is replaced by the name of the company that sponsors that video.

Benefits of Sponsored Post

If we talk about the benefits of Sponsored Post. So both blogger and sponsor benefit from this. Blogger gets paid in cash. Whereas the Sponsor gets the Target Audience. Besides this, its product also gets promoted. The sponsor benefits a lot from this.

If you are a blogger and you write Sponsored Post for a company. So your audience trusts it easily. Because they trusts you. That’s why sponsoring companies take advantage of this. And tries to reach as many people as possible through your audience. This definitely increases the sales of the company. Besides, the Brand Value also increases. And the company soon becomes popular among the people.

How to earn money from Sponsored post ?

The company gives sponsorship to them only, who has a good amount of followers on social media sites or Blog Sites. In such a situation, if you have a good number of followers or visitors on your social media or website site, then you can earn money only with their help.

Now let us know on which type of social media sites you can do sponsorship and which social media websites do people use to earn money from sponsorship.

1. Earn money from YouTube Sponsorship

Most of the people use YouTube only for sponsorship, so if you want to earn money from sponsorship for a long time, then you should create a channel on YouTube. Because, most of the sponsorship is available on this site.

To get sponsorship, you will have to bring maximum views on your YouTube channel, not only your subscriber base, should also be high. Only then you have more chances of getting sponsorship from any company.

If we talk about how much money you can earn by sponsoring on YouTube, then it depends on how many views you get on your YouTube channel. If your YouTube channel is getting more views then you can get more money.

But still let us make an estimate as to how much money you get for sponsoring on YouTube, then you can easily get 100 to 200 dollars for one sponsorship but if you have a big channel then you can get more money.

2. Earn money from Blog Sponsored Post

Now blogging is the second biggest way to earn money with the help of sponsorship. For this, first of all you have to register yourself on a platform where you get sponsored or paid posts and after registering, you will have to tell your price and how much money you will charge for one post.

If you also want to register yourself for Paid Post, then you can register on a famous Flyout. It is quite easy to register on this. While registering on Flyout, you also have to enter how much you want to charge for sponsored posts.

When you register completely, then you will get many sponsored posts which you can publish on your blog and earn money.

If you want to earn money from Sponsor Post, then you focus on the branding and quality of your blog, then sponsored posts will come to you automatically. 

3. Earn money from Facebook Sponsorship

If you have high fan following on your Facebook page or group, then you can also use it for sponsored posts. To get a sponsored post, you can fill the details in your profile that sponsored posts are accepted on your Facebook group or page.

Disadvantages of Sponsored Post

When you get greedy for money and start accepting any companys sponsored posts. And start cheating on your readers. In such a situation sponsored posts prove to be suicidal rather than beneficial for you.

Because readers lose trust in you. And they stay away from your blog forever. And when there are no readers then what is the use of a blog ? That means your blogging career ends. That is why Sponsored Post should never be given more importance than readers.

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How to write sponsored post ?

When a company asks you to write Sponsored Post, don’t say yes immediately. Rather, first check the official website and social media accounts of that company. And also check the product thoroughly on which you are going to write a post. Especially check the authenticity of the claims made by the company regarding that product. And also read the users’ reviews. So that you can know what is the opinion of people about that product ?

If most of the reviews are positive, and the company is also genuine. So accept sponsored post. Otherwise flatly refuse. Generally whatever company offers Sponsored Post. They puts some conditions. And for this the company gives a list of all those features. Which are to be mentioned in the post. If you are going to write a post, then first check all the features mentioned by the company. And write the post only after being completely sure.

Because many times companies exaggerate even small matters. And hide the shortcomings. That’s why do research at your level. Even if you are writing the post for a company. But the only ones who read it are your readers. That is why before writing a post, definitely ask yourself what the post you are going to write. Will your readers benefit from it? Will they get any information that can be useful to them? If yes, then write a post. Otherwise refuse clearly.

Pay attention while writing posts

1. Sponsored Post Write only on those topics. Which matches the category of your blog. Avoid writing posts on such topics. Which has nothing to do with your blog.

2. Sponsored Post Both you and your readers should benefit. If you are getting money. So readers should also get useful information.

3. If you are honest towards your readers. So tell them everything correctly. Don’t hide anything from them.

4. Before publishing any Sponsored Post, click on “Sponsored Post” Or Make sure to put the label of “Promoted Post”. So that your readers can know.

How to get Sponsored Post ?

Now the question is how to get Sponsored Post for your blog ? So there is no portal for this, that you can go and register and you get sponsorship. So ? For this, you will have to work a little hard. This means that you will have to make your blog so worthy that the sponsors themselves contact you. For this you will have to do these 5 things:-

1. Professional Look

Give your blog a professional look. Keep the homepage absolutely neat and clean. Use Lightweight and Fast themes. Organize articles section-wise. And give a prominent place to your best articles on the homepage. Also, arrange the navigation system in such a way that no page of the blog is inaccessible.

2. Quality Content

Post good and Quality Content on your blog. Content that attracts sponsors. With this the sponsors themselves will contact you. And will also give good price. Because content is the heart of the blog. And the more healthy and strong the heart is, the healthier the body (Blog) is. That is why pay attention to the heart of your blog i.e. the health (quality) of the content.

3. Page For Sponsors

For the convenience of Sponsors, definitely create a page on your blog. And share important information related to your blog in this page. Such as Blog’s Alexa RankingDA, PA, Monthly Unique Visitor And number of page views etc.

Apart from this, on which topics do you accept Sponsored Post ? Mention this also. If you have worked with any sponsor, mention that also. And finally give your contact details. So that sponsors can contact you.

4. Relationship With Brands

Which Brands you want to work with. Build a relationship with them. Interact with them by visiting their Social Media Handles. And tell them about your work. Also express that you want to work with them. This will let brands know about you and your work. And when they have something suitable for you. Then they will definitely contact you.

5. Google Ads

If you want to get sponsored posts on your favorite topics. So Google Ads is the best option for you. Because with its help you can decide your Target Audience and Keywords yourself. But for this you will have to spend a little. Because it is not free.

How much does a sponsored post cost ?

When you get the offer of Sponsored Post for the first time. So this question definitely arises in your mind that how much to charge? That is, how much money was asked for writing the post ? So I would like to tell you that there is no fixed rate for this. Because many things work behind it. Such as Blog’s Ranking, Niche, DA, PA, Unique Visitor and number of Page Views etc. That is why the same post has different prices for different blogs.

If your blog is a ‘Tech Blog‘. And the number of Monthly Unique Visitorsis 10,000 or less. So you can comfortably charge 50 to 150 dollars. This is an estimated figure. If your content has strength. And if the ranking and DA-PA of the blog is also good, then you can ask for more.

Hopefully, through this article you will get What is Sponsored Post ?? A lot of useful information would have been received about this. If you liked this article. So like and share it. 

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