How to target restaurant owners on facebook ? Detailed Guide

Currently, we sell various types of products online. We use different types of platform to sell products online. One of these platform is Facebook. Through this platform you can target any types of customer. If you want to target restaurant owners on Facebook, then you can use some several effective strategies to reach this specific audience. In this article we tell you How to target restaurant owners on facebook.

How To Target Restaurant Owners On Facebook

Here is a quick overview of how to target restaurant owners on facebook by Facebook ads:

Location                                                                               Your country or area 
Age 30 – 70 years
Gender All genders (Male and Female)
Industry Food And Restaurant
Job Titles Owner, Founder, CEO, Manager etc..
Behaviour and Activity Food And Restaurant Page Admins

When you set up these targeting options, then Facebook will show you the number of people that match your selected criteria.


When you create a add campaign, First select your Location where you want to serve your ads. If you want to serve your ads on nationally then select country location and if you want to serve your ads locally then select Local area name which you want to display your ads. Example – If you want to find all USA restaurant owner then select USA.

If you want to find only New York area restaurant owner then select New York USA.


Next, we need to set the age range. Before we do that, let’s take a look at what the statistics say.

  • Average age of restaurant owners is 40+ years years old. 
  • Among restaurant owners, 46 percent owner age is over 40.
  • 28 % owner age is 30 to 40 years old
  • 24 % owner age is 20 to 30 years old
  • Most restaurant owners retire after the age of 65

So we can understand from these statistics that, the best age range is 20 – 65 years for targeting restaurant owner. But we suggest you, target 25 to 65 years age. Because most of the restaurant owners who are 20 to 25 years old have started a new business. That’s why, they have no prior experience. So displaying your ad to them will not benefit much.


Gender is another important factor to target restaurant owners on facebook. Among current restaurant owners, about 54 percent of restaurant owners are male and about 46 percent are female.

From these statistics we can see that, the number of male and female restaurant owners is almost equal. For this reason we suggest you to select both male and female.


After selecting genders, we need to select Industry. Basically, our main targeting starts from here. It’s a very important factor to targeting restaurant owners with Facebook ads. If you do not select this factor, you will not be able to reach restaurant owners with your ad.

To set industry follow the steps –

Audience > Detailed Targeting > Demographics > Work > Industries > Select Food And Restaurant.

When you select the Food & Restaurant industry, your ad will only appear in front of food and restaurant related users.

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Job Title

Next you need to set Job Title. JOb Title is another very important factor to target restaurant owners on facebook. Job title is the factor through which, your ads will be shown only to restaurant owners. So the job title should be selected carefully. 

To set job Title follow the steps below –

Audience > Detailed Targeting > Demographics > Work > Job Titles (CEO, Owner, Owner and CEO, Owner / Managing Director, Founder, Co Founder, Founder / Manager)

Behaviour and Activity

Almost all restaurants and cafes have a Facebook page and most of them are managed by the restaurant owner or at least have some authority. That’s why we also target Food and Restaurant page owners. As a result, your product ads will reach the restaurant owners.

To set Behaviour follow the steps below –

Audience > Detailed Targeting > Digital Activities > Facebook page Admins > Food and restaurant page admins

If you run an ad campaign by following the above steps, you can easily target restaurant owners and sell your product or service to them. After that, respond to every comment, message and feedback from restaurant owners contacted through your Facebook ad. Build good relationships with them and create long term business opportunities.

In this article, we discuss about “How to target restaurant owners on facebook”. If you have any questions about this article, then comment us. If this article benificial for you then please share with your friends.

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