What is a Refurbished Phone ? Is a refurbished phone good for You ?

Whenever we buy some electronic products like mobile, laptop, camera etc. from an online store, we also see products written as Refurbished along with them, whose price is much less than the price of new products. Then this question must be coming in your mind that, what is a refurbished phone and why are refurbished products so cheap ? Are these original products ? is a refurbished phone good ?

Some people have a belief that, refurbished products are not genuine and come with poor quality. But the truth is different, because refurbished products are sold by the company itself.

Though Refurbished Phone sounds a bit strange, but do you know about this strange looking phone ? Today in this article, we are going to explain to you, What is a Refurbished Phone and how it is different from other phones. So let us solve this mystery of Refurbished Phone and know about it in detail.

What is a Refurbished Phone ? – refurbished phone meaning

Refurbished means to make it new or like new. When a customer finds a defect in a product like a mobile phone or laptop, he returns it. After this, the company corrects the defect in the product, makes it as good as new and sells it online as Refurbished.

Let us understand this better. Whenever the customer buys a new phone and if the phone is defective or has some technical problem, it returns the phone back to the company. In such a situation, the mobile company repairs such phones and brings them back into the market as refurbished. If seen, in a way it is a second hand phone but directly from the company. Therefore the prices of refurbished phones are also lower.

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What is a Refurbished Phone Grading System ?

Refurbished Grade tells about the cosmetic condition of a refurbished product. That is, we can find out how the product looks or its quality by knowing its grade. The higher grade means, better will be the quality of the product. The quality of a refurbished product depends on these 3 things –

  • How many scratches or marks are there on the refurbished product ?
  • How many days has the previous owner of the product used it ?
  • What kind of packaging does it come in ?

Refurbished Grades are classified into 3 parts:

  1. Grade A
  2. Grade B
  3. Grade C

Grade A – The quality of refurbished products with Grade A is excellent. There are no marks or scratches of any kind on them and they look absolutely like new. Even if there are a few scratches on them, they are not easily visible. And they work very well.

Grade B – The quality of grade B refurbished products is slightly less good than grade A. There are some light marks or scratches on them. But in terms of functionality, they are like Grade A products and are completely tested . Due to the presence of scratches, these are cheaper than Grade A refurbished products.

Grade C – Grade C includes refurbished products of lowest quality. However, these are tested and are safe to use. But looking at them shows that they have been used a lot by the previous owner. Many scratches and marks can be clearly seen on them from outside. There may be marks on their outer edges and buttons. These products are much cheaper than Grade A and Grade B.

Keep the following things in mind while buying a refurbished mobile

1. If you are buying a refurbished mobile phone, then first check its launching date and ensure that the phone is not too old.

2. Before buying a refurbished mobile, definitely check the company of the mobile. Buy the mobile only, if it is from a good company like Samsung or Apple.

3. Make sure that the refurbished mobile is being given with warranty or not.

4. Accessories are also provided with the refurbished mobile. Therefore, check whether all the accessories are included with your refurbished phone or not.

5. Return policy and term of refurbished phone & Read the condition carefully.

6. Check thoroughly in the mobile whether any third party app or software is installed in it.

7. Checking the IMEI number. It is very important to track the IMEI number of the phone, so that you can check the authenticity of the phone.

8. Checking the return policy. While buying, also check that there is a return policy with the phone, so that if you do not like the phone, you can return it.

Benefits of buying refurbished mobile

Some of the benefits of buying a refurbished mobile are –

  • The price of refurbished phone is much lower than the new one. If the price of a new mobile is too high or you want to buy a good quality cheap mobile phone then refurbished mobile is a perfect option for you.
  • Refurbished mobile is tested by the company and is resold only after ensuring its functionality. Therefore, you can buy it without any worries.
  • When you buy a refurbished phone, the company gives the same warranty as a new phone. That means, if any problem arises during the warranty period, you can get it repaired free of cost at the company’s service center.
  • If you are fond of buying premium phones, then you can buy them even with limited budget. But for this you will have to wait for the refurbished version of your favorite mobile.

Disadvantages of buying refurbished mobile

Some of the Disadvantages of buying a refurbished mobile are –

  • You will see scratches and scuffs in refurbished phones. These show that the phone is not new and has been used before.
  • Refurbished mobiles have already been defective, hence even after refurbishment, defects may occur again and you will have to visit the service centre.
  • Refurbished phones do not come in original packaging. These are given in a simple box.
  • Some companies do not provide accessories with refurbished phones. This means you may have to buy accessories like charger and headphones separately.

Is a refurbished phone good for You ?

Yes, a refurbished phone can be decent and affordable for most Customers. Some reasons are below –

Cost Savings: Refurbished phones are generally cheaper than new ones, providing major savings to customers. This makes it an appealing option for people who are looking to stay within a budget or those who want to enhance their device without spending too much money.

Warranty and Guarantees: Refurbished phones usually carry a warranty or guarantee thereby enhancing buyer’s confidence. For instance, Apple’s Certified Refurbished program comes with a one-year warranty and many other reputable vendors provide similar warranties.

Environmentally Friendly: It is also good for our environment to buy a phone that has been refurbished. This prolongs the lifespan of devices and decreases electronic waste.

Fully Functional: Refurbished phones undergo rigorous testing to determine the cause of the problem. This process involves verifying hardware components, software operations and overall performance. The refurbished phones are anticipated to be wholly operational and dependable for the users.

Quality Assurance: Sticking to strict quality control process Reputated Company refurbishment programs, These include testing and repairing, followed by inspection to ensure that the refurbished phone works like a new one.

Access to Older Models: Refurbished phones give a chance of using older model phone again that may no longer be available as brand new. This is advantageous for that particular person, who likes a certain kind of design, features or specifications which are not available in the latest models.

Where to buy refurbished mobile ?

You can buy refurbished phones in two ways mentioned below –

1. From online store – The easiest way to buy refurbished mobile is to buy mobile from online store. Almost all e-commerce platforms sell refurbished mobiles. Along with this, you will get all the important information related to the product given at these stores. You can buy these phones from websites like Amazon, Best Buy Outlet, Gazelle etc.

2. Directly from the factory or store – In some cities, refurbished phones are sold in the stores or factories of the mobile company. But for this you will have to work a little hard and find a store selling refurbished mobiles near you.

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Difference between Refurbished and Used

Some people consider refurbished as a used product, but it is not so. There is a difference between refurbished and used product which is as follows:

Refurbished – A refurbished product has been tested by the company and all types of defects have been removed from it. That means this product is certified by the company. Refurbished product can also be a used product by the customer or a defective product that has been returned under warranty. Warranty is given again by the company while reselling it.

Used – A used product may or may not be defective. This has not been tested by the company and may not even be under warranty. After use it is sold directly to another customer.


Qus – Is it right to buy a refurbished phone or is a refurbished phone good ?

Ans – There can be many reasons for this, if you do not have any objection between new and old phones, you just need a good phone. If you want one which has good branding but the price is very low, then this phone will be right for you.

Qus- Is a refurbished phone better than a new one?

Ans – A refurbished phone can never be better than a new one because a new phone is just like a new one. You may find some defects or the other in refurbished phones. That is why if you are able to buy the phone of your choice, then buying a new phone would be the best option for you.

Qus – Is a refurbished phone better to use?

Ans – It will be a little difficult to answer this because, no one knows it correctly because all refurbished phones have some defect or the other. And all phones have different types of defects like battery, display and charger, so if you use the item related to its defect then you may face some difficulty but compared to a new phone, it is in a good condition. Unable to work.

Last Word

I hope you must have liked my article “What is a Refurbished Phone ?”. I have tried my best to explain every information related to Refurbished Phone Meaning in simple words. So that, you can get any information regarding this topic.

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